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Catherine McAuley Center's Adopt A Family
Connecting Families to Families since 1992
We are reaching out to connect with you regarding the upcoming holiday season. The past few months have been trying for all of us and we recognize the struggles everyone has experienced. We have all had to learn new ways to work and to live. So much has changed. And sometimes the lack of answers and the uncertainty as to when life will return to “normal” is a hard reality to navigate.

The one thing that remains the same (and will be here before we know it) is CHRISTMAS! In years past, when the world faced trying times (i.e. 9/11) there was concern that the donors who support our Adopt A Family Program would not be able to be as generous as they had in the past. Yet, the opposite proved true. The kindness and generosity of our community shined a light through those dark times.

But this pandemic has impacted our lives in ways we never thought possible and the uncertainty of this strange time is unprecedented. As we move closer to the holidays, we are hoping to anticipate how much support our program will have this year. Registration for our Christmas program usually starts the first week of October, and so we are trying to gauge not only the community's interest but also the ability of businesses and individuals to participate.

Our Adopt A Family program typically serves 200 families each year. It is a beautiful testament to the pure kindness in our community and the world around us. However, the program only operates because of your donations. We are kindly asking for you to take a moment to connect with us and let us know if you are able to participate again this year so we can have a more concrete idea of how many families we may be able to serve.  

It's the same warm-fuzzy program you've always supported with COVID-cautious considerations - scheduled curbside drop-off and optional wrapping. Christmas will not be canceled! Click here or on the link below to confirm your participation. And look for our Facebook LIVE Adopt A Family broadcast on the evening of September 15, when we'll share stories and answer questions in real-time.

Again, we are grateful for all of you.
Thank you for supporting the Catherine McAuley Center
and our Adopt A Family Program.

Please answer these few questions about your participation in this year's Adopt A Family program. Thank you!

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