Period poverty is a lack of access to menstrual products, such as pads, tampons, and adequate sanitation space. While this may seem basic to some, these essential items are not accessible to many who need them. Of the 1.9 billion menstruators worldwide, 500 million experience period poverty.

Period poverty is not restricted to underdeveloped areas of the world. It exists right here in our community. Choosing between buying food or spending the money on menstrual products remains a hard reality for many individuals and has a direct impact on our youth. Every year there are students unable to attend school because they do not have the menstrual products they need. It is an unbelievable form of modern day oppression.

Doesn’t everyone deserve to exist in a world where “menstruating with dignity is a human right?”

This is where YOU become part of the story. Donors who support the Catherine McAuley Center positively impact marginalized communities. Your belief in our mission allows the Center to face injustices head on and make significant strides in the lives of women and children. Your support of The Period Project🔴 will increase access to menstrual health products, provide education to the community and support advocacy efforts aimed at reducing the stigma associated with menstruation.

The first goal of The Period Project🔴 is the creation of menstrual kits for our youth that will be attending school. The kits include a supply of menstrual products to help manage up to 3 cycles, a toiletry bag intended to store pads/tampons needed for daily use as well as self care items and educational materials. These kits will give our youth one less thing to worry about as they attend school this year!

All items included in the menstrual kit will be distributed in a large canvas tote. The totes, while sturdy and roomy, are plain. SO WE ARE ASKING FOR HELP TO RAISE THE VIBRATION AND DRESS THESE BAGS UP A BIT! Help make it fun and inspirational because we want these kits to be something our clients feel comfortable receiving and using.

We want those benefiting from this work to feel the love supporting the project.

We want them to Be prepared. Be confident. Be empowered. Period🔴

There are many ways to support The Period Project🔴 We are asking local community/youth groups, volunteers, businesses, artists and anyone with a bit of artistic flair and a passion for change to collaborate with us and decorate the bags being used for the menstrual kits! Get creative- use quotes, empowering words and/or designs to decorate the bag(s). You can draw, paint, tie dye...anything you can think of to make our youth feel inspired. The Center will share the collaboration (and your awesome work!) on our social media to spread awareness of the project and your support. And we’d love for you to do the same. Think of the reach we will have!

Here are some of ways you can get involved in The Period Project🔴

Take as many actions as you’d like.
Scan the QR Code below to purchase items directly from our wish list:
 Host a donation drive for items that will support The Period Project🔴

Make a financial contribution: this can be done on the "DONATE" page of our website- just select The Period Project🔴 in the drop down menu when making your secure donation.

Volunteer to:

*make Menstrual Awareness Bracelets to be included in the kit

*write out empowering & inspirational cards for the recipients of the menstrual kits

*collaborate with us and decorate the canvas totes being used for the menstrual kits

Commit to helping eradicate period poverty in our local community.

*If you are a business owner or leader of a local establishment/organization, please consider supplying free period products in your bathroom(s). This is a simple and affordable step that will have an immediate and positive impact in our community. Please contact Brooke to discuss your participation in detail.
If you have questions, need additional information or want to reach out in support of The Period Project🔴, please contact Brooke Grunza  at 570-209-3752 or via email at